Quality Policy

The Management of Marcopolo International Srl, aware of the importance of QUALITY and RELIABILITY of the SERVICE, committed since its establishment in the permanent search for the satisfaction of its customers, has considered and considers it useful and necessary to engage the Organization in a Quality Policy .
The Quality Policy of Marcopolo International S.r.l. is the set of organizational structures, activities, methods, procedures and responsibilities necessary to make its Quality Management System compliant with the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
The new market scenarios require a decisive acceleration in this direction.
The goal of better organization of processes, as well as training, competence and permanent fine-tuning of all internal and external resources involved in the global cycle, therefore constitutes the most delicate and current immediate challenge of the commitment. of the Organization for:

  1. consolidate and expand the market spaces conquered with consistent commitment;
  2. respond better and better, with the concreteness of tangible results, to the quality demand of the customers of Marcopolo International S.r.l.
Starting from the commitment of the Management and, with the responsibilities of each one, we will orient ourselves to focus the Quality Management System towards attention to the Customer and the market, pursued through:
  • organization of the service;
  • investment in infrastructure and logistics;
  • clarification and loyalty in relationships;
  • maintenance of a process of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
  • continuous improvement and control of service delivery processes and consequently the quality of the service provided and compliance with contractual deadlines;
  • flexibility to respond to needs;
  • Customer satisfaction as a result of the processes provided that maximize the quality perceived by him;
  • definition and implementation of continuous improvement strategies that allow the entire organization to reach the highest levels of competitiveness;
  • concentration of the Organization's efforts in the search for continuous improvement of processes, to give as a result "quality" services that are more responsive to expectations every day.
It is the precise will of the management of Marcopolo International Srl, to communicate to the Organization itself the importance of complying with the Customer's requirements and the applicable mandatory ones and to define and implement strategies for continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, which allow the entire Organization to achieve the highest levels of competitiveness.
The growing competitiveness implemented by competitors in the context of a market increasingly oriented towards customer satisfaction requires that the following strategic objectives be achieved:
  1. ensure compliance with the qualitative, quantitative and temporal requirements in accordance with the same requirements specified with the Customer;
  2. constantly monitor the degree of compliance of the System with the reference standards, laws and regulations;
  3. promote and implement internal training programs in order to optimize the resource growth process;
  4. improve communication strategies with customers and the market in general;
  5. Facilitate and consolidate synergies with colleagues, trade associations, etc.
The tools applied to achieve these overall results, or the general objectives of the Organization are:
  • Continued involvement of human resources:
  • Continuous improvement of the organizational structure understood as: garage, equipment necessary for routine maintenance, human resources;
  • Vertical and horizontal efficiency of the Organization; customer management, service planning and minimization of non-conformities that may impact both customers and the internal system
  • Effectiveness of the processes involved in the activities;
  • Customer Satisfation, assessable "also" through the results of overall turnover and by type of Customer.
To achieve these objectives, the Management considers it essential that the Quality Policy be communicated and understood within the Organization and for this purpose it undertakes to:
  • promote education and training activities regarding the applicable requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and ensure the full implementation of what is described in this Quality Manual;
  • involve the staff of the organization, at any level, for the discussion, proposals and verifications to improve the quality of the Organization;
  • in particular, ensure adequate knowledge for the performance of internal audits by the organization's staff.
The success of the Organization is a consequence of the satisfaction of customers who benefit from the services offered. The work is heavily based on the ability to interpret and understand the various needs of both the customer and the market. In other words, the Company's implementation criterion is the continuous improvement of the overall performance, both in terms of professionalism and in terms of the Company's image, destined to be reflected in the customers who use the services.
This Quality Policy is subject to periodic review by the Management to ascertain its continued suitability.