We offer our Clients who turn to foreign markets, all necessary assistance and consulting services.


One of our experts will support you directly within your company, providing you a complete in perfect synergy with your business reality. A solution that enables cost reduction and overcoming difficulties related to the internal management of issues, often too specific, requiring expert assessment and safe.


With a long experience in the field customs operations and the expertise of our specialists, we can support you in all the practices associated with obtaining AEO certification, an important tool to make shippings faster and increasing your company's competitiveness on international markets.

In general, the advantages for AEO operators can be summarized as follows:
  • Reduction of customs controls
  • Reduction or exemption from the guarantee due for customs duties
  • From 2020 centralized customs clearance
  • Priority treatment in case of customs controls and the possibility of opting for a specific place for carrying out checks on goods
  • Registration in the accounting records with exemption from the obligation to submit the goods to customs
  • Improving relations with the Customs Agency
  • Competitive advantage over its competitors without the AEO certificate
  • International visibility resulting from being included in the European Union AEO database
  • Privileged treatment of its goods at the customs of the countries that have signed with the EU mutual recognition agreements


Search focused and efficient Customer and / or Suppliers. Massive promotion activities in the markets more attractive. Creating, organizing, consolidation and development of commercial networks for the distribution of foreign products and distribution services. Away physical presence abroad, on your specific assignment, for the conduct of such activities.


Consulting services and assistance related to the specific logistics in International Shipping, in particular in relations with countries that have regulations and customs procedures documentary of considerable complexity (eg, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, etc..).

Consultancy related to the standards that regulate the mode and Commerce International. Completion of Customs Operations, Practices in Brokers, Chambers of Commerce, Motor Vehicles, Insurance, Banks, Consulates, Embassies, etc.. Preparation and submission of the recapitulative statements of intra-Community supplies and purchases (Intrastat), International Forms of Payment.